Overlook premieres at Byrdcliffe

Gearing up for the premiere of my fake lecture that turns into a dance: OVERLOOK. So many people have made this work possible! It is a labor of many hours of archival love. Check out the event page or go directly to buy your tickets.

The show is framed by a three-day exhibition of ephemera, photographs, artworks and objects from the Alf Evers Archive and the Historical Society of Woodstock, as well as an interactive archive / visual installation where I invite YOU to contribute your stories, drawings, memories, dreams… I’ll be there during gallery hours ready to serve you a cup of tea! In addition, 22 works are coming home to roost again at Byrdcliffe, back from a long-term loan, including this painting by Zulma Steele. All this and more at the Kleinert Center for the Arts, in Woodstock NY on February 27 – March 1! For more, click here for the press release from Byrdcliffe.

Z_Steele_possibly Overlook Mtn L2008.005.008