Nimble and wily, Studio Reynard is inspired by its protagonist mascot – the fox.

From 2012-2016, Studio Reynard was a space for the creation and production of performances, installations and other art projects directed by Hélène Lesterlin. The creative practice embodied by Studio Reynard crossed boundaries: artist/curator, live performance/visual art, sound/video, dance/text, solo/epics.

Hélène Lesterlin creates works that fuse theater, dance, puppetry, sound and visual art. She’s insatiably curious about the creative process: she’s a collaborator, performer, director, choreographer, improviser, and hands-on maker. Fascinated by fables, memories, and ancient songs, she digs into history, archives, poetry, art and music to create her performances. Hélène also has a passion for working with contemporary performing artists to help bring their works into being: she served as Director of Programs at Mount Tremper Arts, and was the founding curator for dance and theater at EMPAC. Currently, her creativity is channeling into entrepreneurship and local economic development: she co-founded CO, a coworking center in Rhinebeck NY,  helped launch Accelerator of Trillions, an accelerator for social innovation startups, worked on a new VC fund at IdealabX, and is currently Worker Trustee at Good Work Institute. Time to get some non-linear design thinking and creativity out into the world of economics! See her bio for the full story.