STUDIO REYNARD, directed by Hélène Lesterlin, makes performances and art projects at the intersection of DANCE, THEATER, VIDEO and SOUND.

Nimble and wily, Studio Reynard is inspired by its protagonist mascot – the fox.

SUPPORT the creation of “Fox vs Kingdom” and bring this medieval-satire-beast-epic-puppet-show to life! Here are two ways you can help:


HELP WANTED : Seeking production staff and volunteers.




 CAFE ISEGRIM @ Drop Forge and Tool in Hudson, NY

April 30, 2016 : 7pm – 9pm
“Fox vs Kingdom” is our current obsession: adapted from a satiric, medieval tale, told with live music and handmade puppets, we make mayhem. In this event, called Café Isegrim, we will combine an artist salon, drinks/snacks and an in-progress episode from this puppet epic! Our last in-the-rough sneak peek before the big premiere in October.

Created by Laura Brenneman, Anastacia Bolina and Hélène Lesterlin. Snacks made by Mor Pipman.
Drop Forge and Tool, artist residency center, Hudson NY

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