Overlook + Geographica

Parallel processing happening over here as I create two new shows this summer. Both of these new works have been made from source material drawn from historic archives, and both play with the relationship between past and present, history and fiction, art and life.

I will show a first version of Overlook in a work-in-progress performance on August 30th at the Historical Society in Woodstock NY. In this piece, I begin by seeming to give a lecture on the eye-opening origins of Woodstock’s art colonies, then it devolves (or evolves) into a dance.

On September 13th, Jack Magai and I will perform our epic three hour-long Geographica,a site-specific work created with a backdrop of magnificent aery landscape, seen from the hilltop grounds of the Olana State Historic Site in Hudson NY. The sound for the piece is audible via radio transmission (you can bring your own radio if you’d like, but headphones and radios will be provided).  If you haven’t been to Olana yet, Groundswell is a perfect reason to go – an afternoon of sound, installation, art and performance presented by Wave Farm and the Olana Partnership. Tickets on sale now!

Hope to see you soon at one of these events!

-Hélène Lesterlin