Maverick festival sparks

I love this image. I came across it as I researched for Overlook, the lecture/performance that I’ll be showing a snippet of this Saturday. It’s of the Allen family at one of the infamous Maverick festivals in Woodstock in the 1920s. Everyone wore a costume because the entrance fee was doubled if you didn’t and in any case, it was the thing to do.

Hedgehog in the Fog

Hedgehog in the Fog by Yuri Norstein, 1975.

I showed this at our launch event, and I thought I’d post the link for those who missed it! Stop motion animation, anthropomorphic animals, magically beautiful… what more could you want? It inspires us as we figure out how we want to stage the story of Reynard the fox, that smooth operator, not as animation but as object theater.


Object theater and Verdensteatret (Norway)

Performers as puppeteers / musicians / voices. Thinking a lot about how Verdensteatret from Norway use robotics, live processing, and abstract storytelling to create a kind of journey of image and sound while maintaining a sense of live performance. And the performers in their works are not necessarily central protagonists – it is about the complete experience in partnership with moving or still objects around them, manipulated and set in motion by them, and the incredibly detailed soundscape. Poetry as live art. Broad landscapes as your mind extends the boundaries of the room, beyond the projections and shadows, following a sound or an image. An extraordinary example of collaborative object theater. (